Koh Lanta: The laid-back

Koh Lanta: The laid-back

Koh Lanta in the South of Thailand, is an excellent place to chill and get blown by the beautiful scenery. Due to its shape the island offers beautiful beaches one next to the other at the West side. Thankfully tourism is way less developed in Koh Lanta compared to other popular islands in Thailand eg Phuket, Koh Samui, so the place stays neat and far from crowded. It also offers great sunset views right in the waters of the Andaman sea. The island is mostly Muslim, so there are no temples here. I little turn off for me but oh well!

Bamboo bay at the South of the island


Where to go

Life is mostly round the beaches in the West where you can find restaurants/cafes/beach bars open from the morning till late at night. The northern part is quite more developed and commercialized, while the southern maintains some spots of pure nature. There are hotel and resorts everywhere through the coast. Spending some time in both parts, I personally preferred the southern part, especially if you have a scooter, which is very advisable.


Bar/Restaurant in Klong Khong beach



How to move:

In order to really see the place and not get stuck in one beach, you will need a scooter. There are of course tuk-tuks available but the prices are quite high – especially if you plan to stay long. There are scooters for rent everywhere, and many hotels offer their own. Select any but do not leave your passport as a deposit for wherever reason. The price per 24h can be between 150-250 baht for a 150 cc scooter.





Klong Dao beach

The closest beach to the pier is fully developed with many restaurants/cafes and amenities. It’s the most family-friendly spot on the island, and it gets cozy at night with lighting up lanterns, fire shows etc. Of course it also offers lovely sunset views. Favourite spot: Indian Bar

Long Beach

Right next to Klong Dao, Long beach is a little more silent and way bigger one. Top for those who want to have some privacy.

Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach, homeiswhereyourbagis.com

Klong Kong beach

Usual destination for full moon parties and drinks till late. Quite a backpacker’s spot with some of the most noisy bars. A couple of them offer joints and mushroom shakes but be warned: it’s not legal in Thailand. Favourite spot: Freedom bar


Kantiang bay

Gorgeous beach at the South of the island with one of the best live music bars of the island: Why not bar. A lot of expensive resorts are located around but they don’t spoil the scenery at all. Absolute must see.

Kantiang Bay

Bamboo bay

Similar to Kantiang bay but far bigger and more isolated Bamboo bay was my personal favourite. The road after Kantiang bay can get a little bumpy but the surroundings are very rewarding. There is one beach bar here but bring lots of water because you won’t be able to hide from the sun in Bamboo bay.

Bamboo bay


Favorite Eateries

Bobby big boy  map

Great Thai food, very good curries. Try the ‘sticky rice with mango’ as a dessert.


Mango sticky rice with coconut sauce: A delicious Thai desert you shouldn’t miss

Drunken Sailors  map

Best breakfast/lunch in the island, sandwich, coffee, dinner.. well everything.

Screenshot 2015-04-25 00.45.05

Load some energy with a sandwich from Drunken Sailors